The FPIES Awareness Ribbon

FPIES Ribbon

Today’s action for Food Allergy Action Month is to change your social media profile picture to FARE’s Teal Ribbon.

I decided to make my action more FPIES-specific and instead changed my Facebook profile picture to the FPIES Awareness Ribbon.  The FPIES ribbon is a twist on the generic Food Allergy Awareness Ribbon, which is solid teal.  The difference, of course, is that the FPIES ribbon has a gray line through it.  This is to symbolize that FPIES is a type of allergy about which there are still many unknowns, i.e., there is a lot of “gray area.”   I really can’t think of a better way to symbolize this frustrating illness!

Please feel free to share the FPIES Awareness ribbon or the Food Allergy Awareness ribbon as your social media profile picture or however you wish.  The more people become aware of food allergies, the safer our children will be.


FA Action Month

A nasty cold moved into our house this week and I was not prepared (go figure), so I got a little behind on my Food Allergy Action Month posts.  I know, how sad is that I couldn’t even stick to this for more than one day?  Don’t even talk to me about new year’s resolutions.  Anyway, here’s what you missed:

 May 2
Speak Up with Your Social Reach! Join our Food Allergy Awareness Week Thunderclap
 May 3
Order an Official Food Allergy Awareness T-shirt from MASSCanvas

The Thunderclap is a really cool idea.  It’s an automatic service that will send a message via social media on May 12 at 10am.  If you sign up, it will send the message on your behalf, so that the message goes out at exactly the same time for everyone.  It only works if 500 people sign up.  Right now they aren’t even halfway to the goal, but already have the potential to reach almost 80,000 people.  I hate the idea of giving permission to an app to post on my Facebook page on my behalf, but this is too important.  I strongly encourage you to check it out too:  The message is:

“It’s not a fad.  It’s a potentially life-threatening disease.  Take action to find a cure.  #FoodAllergy Awareness Week” 

Saturday’s action was to buy a food allergy awareness shirt.  There are two designs this year, each designed by someone touched by food allergies.  The first one illustrates the 15 million people with food allergies, thus 15 million reasons to care about food allergies.  The second illustrates the top 8 food allergens and reminds us that there are 15 million reasons to work for a cure and “get food allergies off our plate.”  20% of the proceeds from the shirts go to FARE to support food allergy research, advocacy, and awareness.

 Hap“It’s not a fad. It’s a potentially life-threatening disease. Take action to find a cure. #Foodareness 

Happy Food Allergy Action Month!

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