How We Spent Food Allergy Awareness Week


So here it is, the Friday of Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW), and I have to admit that I’m feeling pretty guilty about my lack of blog posts this week.  It seems like if you have a food allergy blog, you should probably spend FAAW going all out with posts full of facts and interesting tidbits about food allergies and what it’s like to live with them.  And besides the one short (but important) post from earlier this week, I feel like FU FPIES has been pretty quiet this FAAW.

I was driving home from our playdate today and feeling bad about not spending more time on the blog this week, when it occurred to me that instead of throwing a ton of facts at you all week, we have actually been living with food allergies.  E and I have had a great week.  As I reflected on what we’ve been doing while I wasn’t blogging I realized that this is what FAAW is all about.  It’s about our constant awareness of food allergies and, most importantly, it’s about not letting that awareness interfere with living life.

So, here is a recap of what E and I have been up to this FAAW:


This year FAAW started on Mother’s Day, which was an amazing day for me!  E and I got to spend some quality morning time reading and cooking together!  I know I’ve mentioned before about how much it fills my heart to see E enjoy something that I baked for him (like chocolate chip cookies), but when he gets to cook with me, it’s even better.  I love an opportunity to make a recipe that he can actually help with and taste-test along the way (stay tuned for the recipe – it’s a good one!).  Then we had a wonderful brunch with my mother, father, great aunt, sisters and their families.  It was great to have everyone together for yummy food and a relaxing day.  E had a great time showing off and playing hard with his cousins. I feel so lucky to be his mom.

photo 2

Monday was unseasonably hot so we bought our first baby pool and E went for his first dip of the season (actually his first time ever in a baby pool).  This was definitely the cutest swimsuit at the store and I couldn’t help but notice that it was teal and grey (the FPIES awareness ribbon colors).  He loved splashing around and perfecting his frog impression.  We were also happy to share this picture as part of the FPIES Foundation’s #LoveYourFPIESselfie and #BeTheVoice campaigns for FAAW.

photo 1

We had some really wonderful playtime at the playground, the play area at the mall, Grandmom’s house, and of course at home.  I love that my little bookworm refused to put down his book even to climb to the top of the slide.

photo 3

We capped off the week with purchase of an E-sized chair for the porch and brand new snazzy sneakers.  Luckily this trip home from the shoe store was far less traumatic than when we bought his first pair of sneakers.

Sure, we did a bunch of un-photo-worthy stuff too – running errands, playing with cars and trucks, reading, coloring, and having the occasional impromptu living room dance party.  We did what we could to recognize FAAW by wearing teal and coloring FPIES awareness ribbons, but the truth is that E has no idea he has food allergies.  What  he does know is how to have a really good time and that he has two parents, a large family, and lots of friends who are always looking out for him and will do what they can to keep him safe and allow him to keep having a really good time 🙂 I spend most of my posts writing about how FPIES has made our lives difficult or scary and I try my best to share information with you whenever I can, the whole blog is really about food allergy awareness.  

Today’s post is a reminder that E is still a toddler who is living life to the fullest every day.  When you see his long list of allergens or read my posts or listen to me talk about the stress that can accompanies living with FPIES, it can be hard to believe that we can still have these wonderfully normal and fun moments in our lives.  For me allergy awareness makes these moments even more special and makes me truly treasure each one.  

When I look back at this week, I see numerous possible blog posts, as most of what we do is related to food allergies or is in some way influenced by E’s FPIES, but he is waking up from his nap and I’ve been looking forward to cuddling on the couch with him while we watch Curious George, so those posts will have to wait for another day.  I hope you are having a great week and enjoying life as much as we are, with or without food allergies.


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