Cathy and E

My son, E, has FPIES.  In February 2014, when I finally got the courage (and time) to start this blog, he was 17 months old.  We have been living with food allergies his whole life (though it was several months before we had a name for it).   I’m a doctoral candidate and my coping mechanism is research.  When I get stressed, I read.  This has provided me with a lot of knowledge about food allergies and FPIES.  I work every day to overcome this illness and create a safe world that is as normal as possible for my son.  I created this blog to provide information on this rare and frustrating illness.  It is also a place to share our story, to help other parents faced with this diagnosis to feel not so alone.  I have had days where I felt incredibly overwhelmed and didn’t think that I’d ever get a handle on it.  I am certainly no expert, but I am surviving as a parent with an FPIES child.  And E is thriving.  He is a happy, chubby, rambunctious, and sweet little boy who has no idea that there are any limitations on his life.

Like many families, our FPIES journey has been complicated.  Allergens seem to come and go for us.  I share my recipes on the blog, but please be aware that our safe ingredients are somewhat inconsistent – but I am sure you are very aware of the ingredients in everything 🙂


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  1. My son is just now 8 months old and he was diagnosed with FPIES at 6 months old. He is my third child with no allergies of any kind with my other two. We had a patch test where he reacted to 17 out of 20 foods. He is exclusively breastfed. I am struggling, because when he has a reaction it is acute from ingesting solids. When I eat trigger foods he has chronic reactions. Since mid November we have only had five days of no diarrhea and a clear bottom. I am working like crazy to keep his bottom clear. I have a billion questions!!! Could you please help me? My allergist has been wonderful for us and we love her!! I just have questions that only a mom suffering with this could answer.

    I hope to hear from you!!


    • Hi Stephanie, I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner, I’ve been away from the computer for a couple weeks. It sounds like you’ve had a rough couple of months! I’d be happy to help in any way I can. It might be best to correspond via email. Contact me any time (cathybykowski at gmail dot com) and I’ll provide any guidance I can, and I’ll try my best to do do in a more timely manner. Please know that the first couple of months of FPIES is awful but you will get a handle on it and it WILL start to get easier.


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