This is a list of all blog posts, roughly by category.  Hopefully it will make it easier to find what you are looking for, but don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question and can’t seem to find the answer!

FPIES Information – Research, Tips, and Tricks

Food Trials: Variations on a Theme – Our changing approach to food trials, a more relaxed approach

Food Trials and Tribulations – Our Procedure for at-home food trials

Got (Non-Dairy) Milk? – A comparison of non-dairy milk substitutes

Research Revelations about Timing Food Challenges & Conducing Food Trials

First Oral Food Challenge – Clarity and Confusion

Out of the Blue – Acute FPIES Reactions!

Hindsight is 20/20: What I’ve Learned About Chronic FPIES

FPIES victories

A Season of Celebrations – How we managed to enjoy Christmastime despite undertaking 3 food challenges

Rocking the Rice Trial

Dairy is a Pass (we think) 

Dairy Trial Day 2 – So Far, So Good – An overview of E’s Diary Challenge

Post-Neocate News – How we weaned E off of Neocate (it was harder than I expected!)

FPIES-Friendly Fiesta – An entire menu that is FPIES-safe and worthy of dinner guests!

A Bittersweet “Last Time” – Saying Good-Bye to Neocate

2nd Birthday Construction Cake!

A Breath of Fresh Air and Summer Sunshine

Happy 4th of July!

We Just Booked Our First Family Vacation!

How We Spent Food Allergy Awareness Week

Hooray for a Successful Easter (and Peanut Butter Eggs)!

Keep it Simple, Supermom

Table for Two & a Highchair

Food Allergy & FPIES Awareness

Global FPIES Day – Be the Voice and Put Awareness in Motion

Anaphylaxis & How You Can Help – Food Allergy Action Month – Information about IgE allergies

Why You Should Care About Food Allergy Awareness Week

The FPIES Awareness Ribbon

 It’s Food Allergy Action Month!

An Outline of E’s history, including symptoms and diagnosis, with links to more details can be found on the Our Story page.


FPIES-Friendly Recipes can be found on their own page.


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